The Revised Entrepreneurship Lifestyle

Work, work, and more work.  Add a side of worry.  But, also excitement and elation.  Work is more often invigorating, rather than taxing.  However the days and nights can be long.  I’ve been pretty much working 80+ hours per week.  That may sound bad, but it’s not.  Why?  Because, as Frank said, “I did it my way!”

The beauty of the situation is that my company, Sigma1 Financial has several big things going for it:

  1. Investors.  Sigma1 now has seed capital for growth.
  2. Good, powerful references.  I’ve made some friends in high places during the HALO beta tests.  These are good guys who apparently liked me, my software, and my work ethic.
  3. Revenue.  Sweet, sweet revenue.  This means money to plow back into marketing, technology, and, yes, legal.  Sigma1’s law firm charges $250-$350 per hour — but they can because they are worth it.
  4. Insight.  More important even than the technology, because I have been obsessed with one thing for a long time — portfolios.  How to improve them by using everything I know, can learn, and can discover.  And I’ve discovered some very useful things.
  5. Technology. The single most powerful piece of technology is the tech to robustly optimize diverse, configurable, user-defined risk models.  The other cool tech is synthetic expected-return modelling that works in concert with semi-variance optimization.  And there is more cool tech, sometimes written in less than a week based on client requests.

So, it is summer and a spend most of my waking hours “working.”   Sometimes, though, the work feels like play.  Like tinkering. I get to explore ways to mitigate financial risk for real people and  institutions.  I get to work directly with portfolios large and small (well…. large and small are relative terms, eh?)  Lets just say many, many millions.  And I work hard to help make them better.  I don’t control anything; I just provide insights, with the help of the HALO Software Suite I developed.

The difference between now and then (say last year) is this:  I learn a lot almost every day.  I am learning  sh** tons!  Then, during corporate vassalage, I learned little of value at work.  My learnings then were largely trivial. I was not given much latitude to learn; I was leashed.

The leash is severed, by my own hand.  And I work as hard, or harder than ever in my life… for me, for my company, and for my investors.  And it is a roller coaster ride.  So far, it is a thrilling and largely fun ride.  When the ride is over, I keep getting back in the queue.  Each ride is different, but so far anyway, each ride does not disappoint.


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