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Extreme Finance: The exhilaration and peril

I’m blogging live in the midst of transferring $25,000 for my LLC.   Bank A needs my physical presence to wire the funds, Bank B needs my online presence.  And, unfortunately, Bank A doesn’t have wireless internet so my laptop is not very useful.

Update 1.  Institution B’s website is down.  I called and they said, yes it is down and will be up in 10 minutes.  Its been exactly 10 minutes since my call and… website is still down.  So right now my business’s $25,000 is sitting somewhere in the ether.

Update #2:  About and hour since this whole process started.  On the phone I was informed they no they would not call back once things were resolved because they had no means of entering the callback information into their down computer system.  My only recourse was to file an online help ticket which I did.

Four hours later, Bank B’s website is back up and funds are successfully transferred.

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