Can we afford national health bureaucracy?

Today the House is voting on the next round of health legislation.   Today I pose a simple question.  Can we afford it?

My belief is that it will be very expensive.  It won’t quite break the bank, but it will result in significantly increased taxes.   This in turn will be another weight dragging on the US economy.  And it will be politically impossible to unload this new burden.

Today, I fear, may be the next step in ensnaring the US economic colossus.  As one person amongst millions who benefits from a powerful but sagging US economy, I am sad to see such a rapid and untested scheme.

Why not a slower more thoughtful path that tests a variety of approaches in a variety of states?

I sigh thinking it is likely too late, perhaps, for such questions.   Pragmatism is a sad casualty of expediency.

So it is with a sad heart that I predict another severe wound will be inflicted on our economy.  Nonetheless I cling onto a faint, faint hope.  I will be watching and hoping as the vote presses on tonight.   Good luck America.

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