Feeling Stimulated Yet?

Its been roughly a 9 months since the $787+  Billion emergency stimulus bill was enacted.  With unemployment hitting 9.8%, I’m not feeling very stimulated.  When it was enacted unemployment was closer to 7.6%.  I feel vindicated that I was right in my opposition, but disappointed that that is the best Obama and Congress could come up with.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Stimulated Yet?”

  1. So what about the so-called experts saying that unemployment is a “lagging indicator” in the recovery? A bit more insight on your perspective would be appreciated. 🙂


  2. Unemployment is, indeed, a lagging economic indicator. What is interesting to me was how the stimulus bill was sold to the public. It was sold primarily on how many jobs it would “create or save.” In the first 3 quarters of 2009 the overall jobs picture has clearly gotten worse not better.

    Another aspect of the bill was how how slowly the dollars are being dolled out. About 3/4 of “stimulus” dollars have not been spent yet. I would also characterize the stimulus bill itself as lagging.

    I am left to wonder why the stimulus bill wasn’t really structured to be all that stimulative? For example, why wasn’t the $878 billion dolled out entirely in 2009. That would have been stimulative! Since there are roughly 140 million US taxpayers that work out to $6270 per taxpayer. Imagine if the lion’s share of that $6270, say $5000, was mailed to each US taxpayer in the summer of 2009? The remaining $1270 per taxpayer could have been used to grease the political skids. Now that might have been stimulating.

    But nay, that didn’t happen. (Nor did anything like it — say offering employers a $10K tax credit for every net new US worked hired in 2009.)

    So I’m still wondering who feels stimulated yet? I’m certainly not feeling the stim.


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