Review: Ahead of the Curve

I just finished reading “Ahead of the Curve”, an book about Philip D. Broughton’s 2 years at Harvard Business School (HBS).   It was a quick, well-written read.    Broughton did a superb job of conveying the HBS experience, painting an vivid and clear picture of the campus, student, faculty and other who make HBS what it is.  Further he takes the reader off campus to interviews and field trips with the likes of Google and E-Bay.

This is not a book about investing, but it does touch on areas very close to investing such a building, managing, and analyzing companies.  It talks about investment bankers and Wall Street traders who go to HBS to take their careers to either a new level or in a completely different direction.  And it talks about the seduction nature (and reality) of hedge funds and venture capital.

This book might not help you fine tune you investing portfolio, but it may give you some insight into how executives at the companies you own have been taught.  Executives including Henry Paulson, George W. Bush, and Michael Bloomberg.

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