Party LLC

Last night’s Halloween party was a blast.  Of course I talked some investing with folks.  I learned that one of my friends had not one, not two, but three LLCs.  What interesting is he’s using one LLC to do technical  contracting/consulting work.  Apparently it is much easier to do contract work via and LCC and with and EIN (Employer ID number).  The EIN makes it clear that the contractor is an independant contractor who can in no way be construed as an employee of the business with which the constractor is doing the consulting. (Boy that was a mouthful).

Also, play money balance update: $21,120.  The option writes are working decently (bought SPY 87 to close call, and later wrote SPY 95 call).  I’m getting slammed on my 100 shares of BCS, though, which are down $1,152 since purchase.

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