Born on Halloween

I’ve admired people who started their own businesses.   I’ve always thought I’d like to start one myself.  And finally I have.  While I started this website this summer, the company Balhiser LLC was born this month… and I’ve been busy during evenings and my lunch hour (because I have a day job that often exceed 50 hours per week).

I opened a business checking account today.  I also received my EIN tax ID number.  Earlier this week I received paperwork from the state as well as stock certificates and legal papers, etc.  I’ve also got a logo.  Soon I’ll have business cards.

My goal is to see what I can accomplish with ~10 hours a week or so working to build my company.  I’ll try to blog more frequently.

Its been fun thinking of how to market my site and Balhiser LLC.  In fact tonight I’m dressing up for Halloween as the powerful executive I may someday become (at least in my daydreams).  I’ve even got some business slogans/taglines/etc. I may try out in the near future.

Then there’s the mundane and nitty-gritty work… like record keeping and accounting to deal with.  I’ve purchased a printer and a filing cabinet.  While blogging and marketing are fun for me, the day to day office work will be more of a chore.  But since its part of doing business, I’ll do what I can on that account.

There is lots to talk about on the investing front… but for today I’m digressing a bit.  I’m investing in Balhiser LLC.  Perhaps some [distant] day others will be able to invest as well (either banks in the form of loans, or partners in the form of stocks).

I’m off, soon, to a Halloween party.  And, in way, I can say Balhiser LLC was born on Halloween 2008.  Tonight I will be celebrating this new venture with friends.   I’ll also be celebrating the friends and of course my lovely girlfriend’s love and companionship.  Perhaps I’ll even grab some sparkling wine on the way over to the party.

Happy Halloween!  Don’t be afraid to buy stocks!

Best Investing wishes from,

The President of Balhiser LLC!

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